Over the years, we’ve had some great players on our teams. On our alumni list you can:

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Jim Darby1968University of California
Dick Heinz1968California Western University
Tim O'Hara1972St. Mary's College
Bill Piona1972University of California
John Miller1972Fresno State
Don Miller1973DVC/Cal
Rob Omo1973Diablo Valley College
Ken Peters1973DVC/Cal Poly SLO
Dave Weiss1972DVC/Chico State
Gary Pitchford1973Stanford University, All-Pac 8
Tony Scoma1973USF
Paul Hundhamer1975University of Miami (National Champions), Boston Red Sox
Bruce Johnson1978University of California
Jeff Peterson1980All-American, St. Mary's College, Detroit Tigers
Chad Krueter1981Pepperdine University, Texas Rangers ***MLB
Scott Peralta1981St. Mary's College
J. R. Turner1982Atlanta Braves
Kevin Roullier1982St. Mary's College
Ron De Lucchi1983Pittsburgh Pirates (First-Round Draft Pick)
Chip Hale1983University of Arizona (All-American), Minnesota Twins ***MLB
Paul Faries1983Pepperdine (All-American), San Diego Padres ***MLB
Steve Erickson1983Pepperdine (Player of The Year), New York Yankees
Dave Carley1983University of Arizona, Milwaukee Brewers
Mike Heckmann1983University of California
Dan Heydenfeldt1983Pepperdine
Jim Mahoney1983Marin College/St. Mary's
Curt Schoelkopf1983Chico State University
Scott Hayes1984St. Mary's College
Greg Peralta1983San Diego State University
Doug Robbins1984Stanford, U.S. Olympics, National Champions, Baltimore Oriole
John Sechler1984University of California
Dave Dase1985Cornell University
Chris Hansen1985Cal Poly SLO
Joe Millette1985St. Mary's College, Philadelphia Phillies ***MLB
Matt Laiolo1986St. Mary's College
Anthony Crudele1986University of California
Rick Davis1986
Chris Beagle1986University of California
Wayne Chai1987University of California
Mike Harrison1987University of California, All-American, 1990 (Cincinnati Reds)
Mike Isola1987St. Mary's College
Jon Zuber1988University of California, Pac 6, Leading Hitter, Philadelphia Phillies ***MLB
John Daly1988Regis College
Matt Hansen1988University of California, Berkeley
Steve Bishop1988University of California, Riverside, Atlanta Braves (MONEY BALL)
Jai Khanna1988University of California, Davis
Paul Souza1988San Luis Obispo
Greg Tripaldi1988Stanford
JJ Dudum1989USC
Dave Giberti1989Texas Rangers
Jeff Scarpitti1989St. Mary's College, Kansas City Royals
Sean O'Connell1989Baltimore Orioles
Steve Sullivan1989California State/Northridge
Marc Lazzareschi1990Contra Costa College
Mike McDermott1990University of California, San Diego, Chicago White Sox
John Coombes1990University of California, Davis
Derek Edwards1990University of California, Riverside
Tony Dudum1990Contra Costa College/Cal State Northridge
Matt Hagen1990University of Utah
Gary Omi1990University of California, Davis
Jeff Rubin1990Cuesta College
Tim Shafer1990St. Mary's College
Tony Stauder1990Diablo Valley College
Alan Sorensen1990BYU
Brian Anthony1992University of Nevada, Las Vegas, Colorado Rockies
Denny DeMartini1992University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Drew Fischer1992University of California
Scott Mainini1992University of California
Ryan O'Connell1992University of Nevada
David Pruett1992Oklahoma State
Cas Olson1993University of California, Los Angeles
Mike Montgomery1993Pepperdine/Cal
Chris Barnes1994St. Mary's College
Mike Bennett1994University of California
Travis Kermode1994St. Mary's College
Ryan Robertson1994University of California
Dan Garfin1994University of California
Mark Williams1994Santa Clara University
Brandon Buckley1995Texas Tech, Houston Astros
Scott Harrison1995Cleveland Indians
Kamani Stafford1995Kansas City Royals
Mike Neu1995Sac City, University of Miami, Oakland A's ***MLB
Zak Lekse1996Sac City, Oklahoma State, Los Angeles Dodgers
Dave Battigan1995Santa Clara University
Ronnie French1995Sac City, San Diego Padres
Simon Tafoya1995Fresno State University, San Francisco Giants
Jake Holt1997Cal State Hayward
Clint Hoover1997University of California, Houston Astros
Andrew Sproul1997University of California
Gus Panagotacos1997University of California, Greece National Team
Phil Galer1997University of California, Santa Barbara
Les Galer1997University of California, Davis, Drafted by Chicago Cubs
David Shank1997Louisiana State University, Drafted by Minnesota Twins
Matt Edgecombe1997Fresno State, Independent League
Steve Chan1997Stanford University
Tom Rosemeyer1997San Francisco State
Ben Conley1998University of California
Ross Warner1998University of California, Davis
Gabe Palma2000St. Mary's College
Jesse Ingram2000University of California, Texas Rangers
Steve Hammond2000Sac City, San Francisco Giants
Steve Sullivan2000Sac City College
Josh Mayo2000Sac City, Los Angeles Dodgers
Joe Bruzzone2001University of California
Jeff Crinkclaw2001Cal Poly SLO
Matt Kalafatis2001University of California, Irvine
Scott Juneau2001Sac City College
Kyle Crist2001University of California, Kansas City Royals
Alex McRobbie2001UC Santa Barbara, Seattle Mariners
Ryan Chiarelli2001Santa Clara
Josh Reidt2001University of San Francisco
Jason Searle2001VanGuard University
Nick DeBarr2002Lassen College/Tampa Bay Rays
Tom Everidge2002
Paul Keck2002Sac City, Chicago White Sox
Kurt Kolar2002Sac City, Florida Marlins
Kyle Dickson2002Sac City, Florida Marlins
Jeff Landry2002Arizona State University
Jeff Piaskowski2002University of Hawaii
Sean Smith2002Cleveland Indians
Jeff Soulage2002Fullerton State, Kansas City Royals
Jeff Stevens2002Loyola Marymount, Cincinnati Reds, Cubs ***MLB
Haley Winter2002UC Riverside, Seattle Mariners
Ryan Bosche2002Arizona State University
Billy Munich2002Oregon State
Ryan Harbaugh2002University Nevada Reno
Mike Rider2002Toronto Blue Jays
Bryran Bryne2003St. Mary's College, Texas Rangers
Gary Dailey2003Cal Poly SLO, St. Louis Cardinals, A's
Adam Elliott2003New York Mets
Steven Alexander2003Santa Clara University, Detroit Tigers
Shane Buschini2003University of San Diego, Houston Astros
Scott Cousins2003University of San Francisco, Florida Marlins ***MLB
Brandon Oliver2003UC Davis
Mark McLaughlin2003UOP
Justin Strong2003Fresno State
Chris Bodishbaugh2003San Jose State, Florida Marlins
Sean Henry2003San Diego State, New York Mets
Travis Howell2003California/Long Beach State, Seattle Mariners
Aaron Poreda2003USF, San Diego Padres, 1st Round ***MLB
Jeff Marquez2003Sac City, New York Yankees, 1st Round ***MLB
Raymond Stoakes2003Cal State, San Diego Padres
Zack Pace2003Sonoma State
Corey Kahn2003Hawaii
Cole Stipovich2003USF
Erick Berger2004Arizona, Tampa Bay Rays
Logan Murphy2004Kansas
Justin Fitzgerald2004UC Davis, San Francisco Giants
Luis Ott2004Oklahoma, Detroit Tigers
Jacob Long2004Modesto JC, Cincinnati Reds
Brandon Crawford2004UCLA, San Francisco Giants ***MLB
Barry Enright2004Pepperdine, Arizona Diamondbacks ***MLB
Jake Floethe2004Fresno State, National Champions/Fullerton State, Tampa Bay
Michael Guglielmo2004DVC/Sonoma State
Kyle Spracker2004California/Loyola
Dominic Foster2004Fresno City, Texas Rangers
TC Lee2004Willamette College
Joey Railey2004USF
Joey Munn2004Wisconsin-White Fish National Champions
Dale Swinford2004DVC/LMC, North Woods League
Joey Wallace2004CSM/UC Santa Barbara
Brandon Smith2005Oral Roberts
Anthony Carruesco2005UOP
Jacob Jeffries2005UC Davis, Cincinnati Reds
Alex Zannini2005UOP
Matt Gorgen2005California, Arizona Diamondbacks
Scott Gorgen2005UC Irvine, St. Louis Cardinals
Leroy Hunt2005Sac City, Houston Astros
Vance Worley2005Long Beach State, Philadelphia Phillies World Series Champion ***MLB
Dustin Quist2005UCLA